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Class of 2008
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Joe Koizumi is a Japan-based matchmaker, manager, and journalist.

Career as Manager

Koizumi currently manages lightweight contender Randy Suico, and also served as manager to both Luisito Espinosa during Espinosa's reign as WBC featherweight champion, and former WBA minimumweight champion Joma Gamboa.

Career as Journalist

Koizumi began to work as a correspondent for The Ring Magazine in 1965, and has also contributed to many other print and online publications. Koizumi is admired for his elegant and unique writing style; he utilizes so many distinctive turns of phrase that one often does not need to see his byline on an article to know that it was written by him. He frequently describes the different rounds of a bout, for example, not only as "rounds" but also "cantos," "sessions," "stanzas," "frames" or "heats." A referee rarely issues a mere ten count in a Koizumi fight report, but rather "tolls the fatal ten." In the aftermath of Kazuhisa Watanabe's upset win over Motokazu Abe in January 2006, Koizumi was hit by a cup of beer thrown by an unruly fan, and he closed his report on the fight by summarizing the episode with the memorable sentence: "Some crazy aficionado of Abe threw a cup of beer with poor precision, and it made yours truly's well-tailored jacket wet with cerveza." [1]

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