Joe Mesi vs. Vassiliy Jirov

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2004-03-13 : Joe Mesi 227 lbs beat Vassiliy Jirov 212 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

  • Weights: Jirov 212, Mesi 227
  • Mesi went down on one knee in the eighth round from a rabbit punch to the back of the head thrown by Jirov.
  • Jirov was not penalized, and Mesi did not recover from that point on.
  • Mesi was down once in the 9th and twice in the 10th.
  • Mesi's personal physician, Dr. Robert Plunkett, advised him he was medically unfit after this bout
  • Jirov later challenged Mesi to a rematch.
  • Promoter: Gary Shaw Productions
  • Doctors: Margaret Goodman, William Berliner, Jeff Davidson, David Watson

Mesi received two subdural hematomas (blot clots on the surface of the brain) during this fight. On March 14th Mesi's license to box in Nevada was suspended due to his medical condition. The Mesi camp sued for reinstatement in court. It was subsequently ruled Mesi's suspension ended when the fighter's license expired. Mesi did not fight again until April of 2006.

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