Joe Uvanni vs. Jim Burrows

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1914-01-14 : Joe Uvanni 158 lbs drew with Jim Burrows 158 lbs by PTS in round 15 of 15

  • Location: Fernie, British Columbia, Canada
  • Canadian Middleweight Title
  • Weights: Uvanni 158 lbs, Jim Burrows 158 lbs


  • Frank Mantell was generally recognized in Canada as middleweight champion. Fight was actually billed for something called the mid-lightweight championship. In 1925, when the Canadian Boxing Federation was created and retroactively recognized all Canadian champions as CBF champions, it categorized this fight as a middleweight title fight, given that there was no such category as mid-lightweight and that the fight had taken place at the middleweight limit

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Canadian Middleweight Title Fight
# 3
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