Joey Russano

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Name: Joey Russano
Born: 1921-01-14
Died: 1972-06-00 (Age:51)
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Boxing Record: click

Joey Russano was a very successful amateur boxer from Chicago. He then had a brief professional career in which he won five fights and had one draw. His boxing career was cut short after the fatal shooting of Policeman Harry Francois, who interrupted the holdup of a couple in a parked car. Russano was a known burglar and robber and police got wind of his involvement. He was arrested and then identified two other men involved in the crime, including Jerry Mangano, who was the killer of Francois. Mangano was sentenced to die by electrocution.

Russano was sentenced to life imprisonment, but eligible for patrol in twenty years, which would have been about January 20, 1960. His fate is unknown at this time.