John David Jackson vs. Martin Camara

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1990-02-17 : John David Jackson 153¾ lbs fought without result Martin Camara 152 lbs by NC in round 11 of 12

  • WBO Junior Middleweight Championship (2nd defense by Jackson)

Championship fight ends without a 12th round
The Gainesville Sun, February 18, 1990

DEAUVILLE, France — John David Jackson and France's Martin Camara fought to a controversial draw in a World Boxing Organization super welterweight title bout Saturday night, leaving Jackson's championship vacant.

Jackson, after dominating the fight through ten rounds, was almost counted out in the 11th, which resulted in confusion that led to the bout ending without a 12th round.

Near the end of the 11th, Camara suddenly took advantage of a tired Jackson and connected with a left and right in the center of the ring.

Jackson went down for an apparent nine count, coming up in time. As the boxers were ready to resume, the timekeeper was waving his arms, signaling as if Jackson had been counted out.

Camara's corner men climbed into the ring and started celebrating. But the referee took control and started waving everyone out.

Jackson recovered in the extra time needed to clear the ring, about 40 seconds, and held off Camara for the final seconds of the 11th round.

Between rounds, Camara's handlers protested the decision to let the fight continue after they thought Camara had won.

The referee, the judges, the supervisor of the WBO and the president of the French Boxing Federation then left ringside to discuss the decision without going into a 12th round.

After 40 minutes, the body ruled that the title was vacant and a rematch had to take place within three months. [1]

Another 'Long Count' Furor
The Los Angeles Times, February 20, 1990

PARIS — The president of the French Boxing Federation said today there will be no more World Boxing Organization bouts in France because of last week's chaotic title fight in Deauville.

The super-welterweight bout between WBO champion John David Jackson of the United States and challenger Martin Camara of France on Saturday first was declared no contest because of a dispute over the count after Camara knocked Jackson down in the 11th round.

After long deliberation, the WBO announced that decision meant the title was vacant, and a rematch had to be scheduled within three months.

Today, WBO Director General Alberto Aleman of Panama reversed that decision and said Jackson remains champion.

The confusion was too much for Bernard Restout, president of the French federation.

"Having judged the incompetence of the WBO officials at Deauville, incapable of dealing with a contentious situation, I have decided to accept no further requests to organize fights involving the WBO," Restout said.

Restout said Camara should have been declared the winner on a knockout. In the 11th round, Jackson appeared to be up at the referee's count of nine, but the timekeeper seemed to be signaling 10, which started a premature celebration. [2]


In a 2011 interview with Ken Hissner of Doghouse Boxing, Jackson talked about his fight with Camara. "He dove on me in the eleventh round and the French commission said a fight cannot end that way," Jackson said. "The WBO recognized it as a defense and win for me." [3]