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John Patrick Lyon (born: March 9, 1962 in St Helens, Merseyside, Great Britain) is a former British amateur boxer, who is one of the most decorated boxers in the history of amateur boxing in Great Britain. Lyon was a eight-time ABA Champion (1981-84, 86-89); the record for most ABA titles. He was also an Olympian for Great Britain in 1984 and 1988.

Amateur Achievements

  • 1981 ABA Light flyweight champion
  • 1982 ABA Light flyweight champion
  • 1982 Light flyweight silver medalist at Commonwealth Games
  • 1983 ABA Light flyweight champion
  • 1984 ABA Light flyweight champion
  • 1986 ABA flyweight champion
  • 1986 flyweight gold medalist at Commonwealth Games
  • 1987 ABA flyweight champion
  • 1988 ABA flyweight champion
  • 1989 ABA flyweight champion

Olympic Results

1984 (competing as a Light flyweight)

1988 (competing as a flyweight)

World amateur championships results

1989 (as a flyweight) in Moscow

European championships

1985 (as a flyweight) in Budapest

  • Lost to Dieter Berg (East Germany) 0-5 (quarterfinal)

1987 (as a flyweight) in Turin, Italy