Jonathan Gonzalez vs. Richard Gutierrez

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2011-06-11 : Jonathan Gonzalez 153 lbs beat Richard Gutierrez 154 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10


  • Jonathan Gonzalez 13-0 (13 KOs) vs. Richard Gutierrez 26-6-1 (16 KOs)
  • Gutierrez, a 6.5/1 betting underdog [1], entered having lost his two previous bouts both by TKO and with a record of 2-5-1 in his last eight fights dating back to May of 2008.
  • For Gonzalez, it was his first bout to go beyond Round 7.

Bout Summary

Gonzalez came out strong in the first two rounds. In the 2nd, he had Gutierrez against the ropes and landed some heavy shots. Gutierrez landed a decent right hand in the exchange. In the 3rd and 4th, Gonzalez's output waned and Gutierrez began to land with moderate effect. Gutierrez was warned in Round 4 for a low blow. The 5th Round was largely fought in closely with Gonzalez landing the cleaner shots and occasionally snapping back the head of Gutierrez. Gonzalez was warned early in Round 6 for a low blow. He landed a glancing right hand midway through the round that caught Gutierrez. As Gonzalez threw a barrage with Gutierrez in the corner, however, another low blow drew a second warning from the referee and gave Gutierrez needed recovery time. The 8th Round, progressed much like those prior, with Gutierrez backed against the ropes and punching while Gonzalez looked to keep him there and apply pressure. The 9th saw Gonzalez land more frequently both to the body and upstairs as the two fought in close quarters. Gutierrez, to his credit, did stand in there and fire back but had lost much of the steam from his punches.