Jonathan Victor Barros vs. Celestino Caballero (1st meeting)

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2011-07-02 : Jonathan Victor Barros 123¾ lbs beat Celestino Caballero 126 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12


  • Jonathan Victor Barros 32-1-1 (18 KOs) vs. Celestino Caballero 34-3 (23 KOs)
  • Barros, who was fighting at his lightest weight in over six years, entered as a slight betting underdog at 1.1/1. [1]
  • For Caballero, it was his first bout since losing a split decision to Jason Litzau seven months earlier and only his second professional fight at the featherweight limit.

Bout Summary

Caballero came out using his height and reach advantage and worked primarily behind the jab. Midway through the opening round, a right uppercut preceded by a jab caught Barros flush and sent him straight to the mat. He was up quickly and action continued. Barros was warned in Round 3 for punching to the back of Caballero's head. Following the warning, however, neither fighter refrained from doing so and each man repeatedly landed punches to the back of his opponent's head in clinches without warning. Barros came on in Round 4 and landed a couple of decent left hands as his Caballero backpedaled. Caballero went down near the end of the round, but it was ruled to be from a slip.Round 5 was highlighted by another solid left hand from Barros which Caballero attempted to shrug off and mount some offense of his own. The 6th was plagued, like many moments of the fight, with each man throwing two or three punches, getting tangled together, then being immediately separated, when not always necessary, by the referee. The referee continued the excessive breaks in Rounds 7 and 8 to the point that in-fighting was almost not permitted. At many points as the fighters attempted to work their way out or as one man was throwing punches, the referee moved in separated them. Midway through Round 9 a right hand caught Barros and caused his knee to touch the mat and earned Caballero his second knockdown of the bout. Barros was again up quickly and seemed surprised that it was ruled a knockdown. By the end of Round 11, Caballero had begun to bleed noticeably from the mouth.