Jose Luis Castillo vs. Diego Corrales (2nd meeting)

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2005-10-08 : Jose Luis Castillo 138½ lbs beat Diego Corrales 135 lbs by KO at 0:47 in round 4 of 12

  • Time: 0:47
  • Promoter: Gary Shaw Productions
  • Doctors: Jeff Davidson, James Game, Albert Capanna, Todd Chapman


  • Castillo failed to make weight, and a member of his team was fined and suspended for tampering with the scale.
  • The fight was spectacular, with both fighters landing big shots.
  • Castillo ended matters with a stunning left hook to the head early in the fourth round.
  • Corrales got up on wobbly legs just as referee Joe Cortez reached the ten count.
  • Corrales suffered a right eye lid cut in round three, as well as a right eye puff and a swollen nose.
  • Blows: Castillo 98/166 59%, Corrales 69/147 47%.