Jose Luis Castillo vs. Herman Ngoudjo

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Total Punches Castillo Ngoudjo Landed 245 208 Thrown 682 783 Pct. 36% 27% Power Punches Castillo Ngoudjo Landed 212 158 Thrown 529 474 Pct. 40% 33%

2007-01-20 : Jose Luis Castillo 139 lbs beat Herman Ngoudjo 140 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

  • World Boxing Council Light Welterweight Title Eliminator
  • NABF Light Welterweight Title (5th defense of Ngoudjo)
  • Weights: Castillo 139 lbs, Ngoudjo 140 lbs


  • Very close fight: Castillo escaped with a much tougher than expected split decision victory over Ngoudjo in his debut at light welterweight.

Preceded by:
Ngoudjo vs. Camarena
NABF Light Welterweight Title Fight
# 54
Succeeded by:
Figueroa vs. Hernandez