Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Jose Luis Ramirez

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Chavez hits Ramirez with a left hook

1988-10-29 : Julio Cesar Chavez 135 lbs beat Jose Luis Ramirez 134 lbs by TD in round 11 of 12

  • WBA Lightweight Title (2nd defense by Chavez)
  • WBC Lightweight Title (3rd defense by Ramirez)
  • Poster

From The New York Times:

While Chavez never scored a knockdown, he buckled Ramirez's knees in the fourth round with a right hand that sent Ramirez reeling backward in a half-squat that nearly put him on the canvas. But Ramirez righted himself and gamely fought back, as he did all night.

Chavez's hand speed was superior to that of the 29-year-old Ramirez, who entered the bout as the W.B.C. lightweight champion, and left as the victim of a somewhat controversial ending.

As Ramirez moved forward in the 11th round of the scheduled 12-round bout, he and Chavez butted heads. Blood spilled from a gash on Ramirez's scalp, close to the middle of his forehead. The referee, Richard Steele, temporarily halted the bout so that the ringside physician, Flip Homansky, could examine the cut. Homansky took a look and would not let Ramirez continue.

By the rules, Steele was obliged to penalize Chavez, as the uninjured fighter, a point in the scoring, and the bout went to the judges' scoring of the first 10 rounds for the verdict. Even with Steele's deduction, all three judges had Chavez ahead.

Afterward, there was the reflex protest of Ramirez that the butt was intentional and that he figured he was winning the fight anyway. Just as predictable was Chavez's verbal counterpunch.

"When he comes in," Chavez said of Ramirez, "he lowers his head too much."