Meyer (K.O.) Christner

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K. O. Christner

Name: KO Christner
Birth Name: Meyer Wilson Christner
Born: 1896-12-28
Birthplace: Garrett, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 1979-11-01 (Age:82)
Hometown: Akron, Ohio, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 11½″   /   182cm
Boxing Record: click

Manager: Tom E. Lennon

According to the Tacoma Times (Tacoma, WA, USA) newspaper, Dec. 22, 1928, Meyer Christner did not start his professional boxing career until January 1, 1928, which is incorrect as he actually started around 1926. The paper likely printed the wrong year, as it says he was 29-years-old when he started his pro boxing career (which would make it circa 1925/26).

Per that newspaper article, Christner was a classmate of the soon-to-become legendary baseball player Babe Ruth at St. Mary's Industrial School in Baltimore, Maryland. In fact, Christner was a baseball catcher while Ruth played ball there. By age 29, Christner was working at the Firestone Tire Plant in Akron, Ohio. During one incident at the plant, he got into an argument with a "foreigner," who tried to bully him. Christner slugged him, broke his jaw, and knocked him out, thus earning his nickname. His friends at the plant suggested he enter an amateur boxing show, which he did.

Again, according to that newspaper article, his first pro bout occurred Jan. 1, 1928, for which he was paid $75.00. (Other reports indicate his debut was against Pete Rogers in Feb 1926.) His manager at the time was Tom E. Lennon, the former Chairman of the Canton Municipal Boxing Commission. His record as of Dec. 22, 1928, per that article, was 28 KOs, and two losses (to Bud Gorman and Joe Sekyra)(45 total bouts).

Prior to boxing, he had played professional football with the Akron, Ohio, Indians team. He also played semi-professional baseball, as a catcher, around the Akron area.

He served in the United States Army during World War I, stationed at Texas training camps. By December 1928, he was married, and had a son (age 9) and a daughter (age 6). His wife inherited a 1,800 acre ranch outside of San Antonio, Texas.

Undated fights reported in record books, newspapers, or magazines:

Feb 	Pete Rogers 		Akron, OH		KO 2
---	George Adams 		---			KO 4
---	Charles Mills 		---			KO 2
---	Frank Beckman 		---			KO 4
---	Battling Dye 		---			KO 4
---	Hip Vaughan		---			KO 1
---	Battling Dye 		---			KO 3
---	Bumbo Myers 		Akron, OH		W 10

---	Johnnie Wolker 		---			KO 2	
---	Ray Carroll 		---			KO 2
---	Jimmy Kuntz 		---			KO 2
---	Harry Campbell 		---			KO 1
---	Bessill Keny 		---			KO 3	
---	Young Samuel 		---			KO 6
---	Bumbo Myers 		---			KO 7
---	Jack Beam 		---			KO 2
---	Alvin Spencer 		---			KO 2
---	George Goodman 		---			KO 3
---	Frank Baker 		---			KO 4
---	Luke Andrews 		---			KO 6
---	Bill Halliman 		---			KO 4
---	John Luekowski 		---			KO 1
---	Frank Florian		---			W 10