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Kelly Pavlik vs. Jose Luis Zertuche

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2007-01-27 : Kelly Pavlik 159½ lbs beat Jose Luis Zertuche 160 lbs by KO at 1:40 in round 8 of 12

  • WBC Middleweight Title Eliminator
  • NABF Middleweight Title (2nd defense of Pavlik)
  • Time: 1:40
  • Weights: Pavlik 159.5 lbs, Zertuche 160 lbs

Bout Summary

  • Entertaining fight with both fighters landing a lot of punches.
  • Pavlik was the more active of the two fighters in the later rounds (5-7).
  • A devestating right hand dropped Zertuche in round six. Zertuche recovered and landed some hard punches. In the eighth round, Zertuche was caught with another hard right hand (or uppercut) and was out on his feet when referee Raul Caiz Sr. jumped in to save the fighter.


The winner would receive a WBC #1 ranking.

Preceded by:
Pavlik vs. McKart
NABF Middleweight Title Fight
# 65
Succeeded by:
Ornelas vs. McKart I

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