Lennart Risberg

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Lennart Risberg

Name: Lennart Risberg
Alias: Soders Dempsey
Born: 1935-04-16
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Died: 2013-09-04 (Age:78)
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Stance: Orthodox
Boxing Record: click

Olympic games results

1956 (as a Light heavyweight)

Swedish Radio re- broadcasted a 1979- interview with Risberg after his death:

  • "To be a good a boxer one must have a strong condition, a will to win and some punching power.I had all that"
  • "The very best fighters brought out the best in me, while the mediocre ones sometimes made me look bad."
  • "Ingemar Johansson was more famous than me, but I didn't mind at all. He was a great guy."
  • "I felt I was winning all the way agains Bobo Olson and may have gotten a little careless."
  • "I don't regret being a boxer. I learned how to take care of myself."
  • "My eye injuries was more a problem to the press than to myself."
  • "I'm still an early riser.5 days a week during my career I went up 4:30 and ran. And then off to work."
  • "Still work out a little in my old club. But have no longing for the game anymore. It ment after all very hard work through the years."
  • "My best fight was against the German Dieter Wemhoner in 1960. Favorite boxer: Rocky Marciano.

Best fighter I met was as an amateur, the Czech Julius Torma. Impossible to hit him."