Lenny Cohen

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Name: Lenny Cohen
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Boxing Record: click

Cohen had an interesting career, he had an excellent amateur record and was a Chicago Golden Gloves champion. He fought a number of excellent fighters winning some and losing some. For example, he defeated ranked bantamweight Harry Fierro twice, he fought Johnny Gaudes three times, winning once, and losing twice. He beat Ed Waling when Waling had won his first twenty six fights. And throughout his career he almost always gave up weight in his matches.

  • In 1933 representing Chicago he won an Intercity Golden Gloves championship in the 2nd division at flyweight vs. Anthony Idone.

Preceded by:
Julie Katz
Intercity Golden Gloves
2nd Division

Flyweight Champion

Succeeded by:
Patsy Urso