Leroy Decatur

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Name: Leroy DeCatur
Born: 1927-00-00
Died: 1948-02-27 (Age:21)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
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Decatur, 20, died of injuries sustained in his first pro bout, a scheduled 4-rounder at Hollywood Legion Stadium, against Frederico Herrera of Yuma, Arizona. Decatur had been leading in the bout, when he was hit with a left hook to the body, followed by a right hand to the jaw. Though the punches appeared harmless to many ringside observers, they stunned Decatur, who fell to the canvas, approximately two seconds later. As he fell, his head hit the canvas hard, and he would never show movement again.

Artificial respriation failed to revive Decatur after 15 minutes, and he was pronounced dead by the doctor. He was then carried out on a stretcher; with his death, not being announced to the audience. Decatur's manager Joe Rhodes, cited no previous injuries sustained by his fighter, that would have warranted his death. However, a police investigation, determined that Decatur, had fallen off a horse in October 1947, which had resulted in a five-week hospital stay. During his stay, Decatur complained of "terrific headaches" . He also had his tonsils and appendix removed, during his hospital stay.

Decatur, a porter in the downtown district, was survived by a wife and two-year old daughter.


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