Lew Feldman

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Name: Lew Feldman
Born: 1908-11-05
Died: 1983-05-11 (Age:74)
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Height: 5′ 5″   /   165cm
Boxing Record: click

Managers: Sam Goldman, Eddie Borden
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Lew Feldman fought twelve different world champions or claimants to world championships, for a total of 25 times. He defeated eight of them. He also fought Kid Chocolate four times and Freddie Miller four times. Chocolate defeated him all four times, and Miller defeated him three times. Feldman earned a draw with Miller the fourth and last time they fought.

Starting in 1931 Feldman was ranked at different times in The Ring magazine's top ten fighters of the month as a featherweight, junior lightweight and lightweight. The last time Feldman entered the magic circle was in August of 1937 when The Ring ranked him as the #6 lightweight in the world.

Career Highlights

During his 13-year professional career, which began in 1928, Feldman fought primarily in three weight classes (featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight), and was considered a top contender as a lightweight. In November 1931, Lew had the first big fight of his career against the junior-lightweight champ, Kid Chocolate; Feldman lost the 10-round decision in the non-title bout. The following year, Lew fought Kid Chocolate twice more, losing a 15-round decision in June, then getting knocked out in the 12th round of their October battle for the New York State featherweight title. The two warriors fought once more in Havana (Kid Chocolate's hometown) in May 1936, with Feldman again losing the decision.

In 1933, Feldman faced another tough opponent, Mike Belloise (the future featherweight champ) in two bouts; both were six-round draws. The following year, Lew was Belloise's final opponent before Belloise challenged for the crown (Belloise won the 10-round decision over Feldman, but lost the title fight). Feldman finally defeated Belloise in 1939 in a 10-round decision. That year, Lew also faced Henry Armstrong, the world welterweight champ, in a title fight. Armstrong had knocked Feldman out in the fifth round of their 1938 non-title fight, this time, with the title on the line, the champ knocked out Lew in the first round.

As a lightweight, Feldman was considered a dangerous contender, but he was never given a title shot. Still, Feldman defeated future lightweight champ Lew Jenkins in November 1938 on a 10-round decision; Jenkins, who had beaten Feldman in April 1938, became the champ two years later. Feldman fought until 1941; he retired with a record of 114 wins in 187 career decisions against the best of his time.

A leading contender for the lightweight championship in the 1930s, the tough Feldman fought the best fighters of his era, including Kid Chocolate, Mike Belloise, and Henry Armstrong.