Lovemore N'dou vs. Naoufel Ben Rabah

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N dou belts Ben Rabah

2007-02-04 : Naoufel Ben Rabeh 140 lbs lost to Lovemore Ndou 139 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 11 of 12

IBF Supervisor Ray Wheatley

Bout Summary

For the first half, N'dou was the aggressor while Ben Rabah boxed and moved. In the second half, however, both fighters would engage in furious exchanges on the inside. As the late rounds went by, Ben Rabah would control the opening two minutes of the round only to have N'dou come back strong in the final minute. In round ten, Ben Rabah went down, but it was declared a slip by the referee. The canvas was soaked from the excess water given to each boxer due to the heat. A crew of three men entered the ring during the minute rest periods of the later rounds to try and keep the canvas dry. In round eleven, Ben Rabah looked very weary as the round closed. After the bell rang, Ben Rabah barely made it back to his stool and was unable to continue.


  • The bout was originally an IBF junior welterweight title eliminator, but Lovemore N'dou was awarded the IBF's junior welterweight title on February 12, 2007 after Ricky Hatton vacated the title by choosing to face Jose Luis Castillo instead of N'dou, who was the mandatory challanger.