Lucian Bute vs. Glen Johnson

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Official Fight Poster

2011-11-05 : Lucian Bute 167½ lbs beat Glen Johnson 166½ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

Fight Analysis

"The belief is that when friends fight, often times they lack the passion to fight with bad intentions"[[1]]

  • Bute's biggest win to date, over his acknowledged friend (Johnson) and he appeared to win most rounds. One exception was the fifth round, where Johnson was clearly the busier and more active of the two boxers
  • Bute had a high work rate throughout, keeping a furious pace tempo and forcing Johnson to keep his gloves upraised with a high guard, a tough defense which the more active Bute could not do much with
  • Bute used height and reach advantage and remained out of range to frustrate Johnson all night, causing Johnson to miss or throw short scoring attempt punches which were ineffective for the most part
  • Johnson fought a one dimensional fight, throwing a one-two left-right combination with the occasional hook, and never changed his strategy or approach to Bute, which did not work.
  • Southpaw Bute fought the entire fight with his right hand down Joe Calzaghe style to keen advantage, and set a trap, attempting to lure Johnson in and catch him with his guard down, but Johnson did not fall for it
  • Both fighters appeared in great condition, with neither fighter hurt or winded; fighting a clean bout with no fouls, no holding, and no fighting on the ropes, for all 12 rounds.
  • Bute picked up the pace and stood in front of Johnson and traded with him in the last four rounds, by then aware Johnson needed a knockout but could not hurt him. Rounds 10 and 11 were closer with more action, perhaps even despite the scorecards


  • Lucian Bute 29-0 (24 KOs) vs. Glen Johnson 51-15-2 (35 KOs)
  • Bute entered as the #3 super middleweight in the world according to The Ring Magazine. Johnson, and 8.5/1 betting underdog [2], was ranked #7 by the same publication. [3]
  • Johnson entered with a record of 4-4 in his previous eight bouts dating back to April of 2008. Bute came in having won his six previous defenses by knockout; four of which were inside four rounds.
  • In 2009, when Johnson was getting ready for his rematch with Chad Dawson, southpaw Bute was training for his rematch with Librado Andrade in the same South Florida training camp. They became fast friends and sparred 96 rounds together. [4]
  • Press row scores: Vincent Morin: 119-110 for Bute, Dave Spencer: 119-109 for Bute, Jack Todd: 120-108 for Bute


"I am aware it's a huge challenge to fight Bute in Quebec City, but I'm looking forward to the fight. I can't wait. I can't lose my next fight with Bute. I'm the one who needs the victory the most. It's a do-or-die situation for me." - Glen Johnson [5]