Lucy, the Fight Manager

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  • An episode (Season 5, Episode 20) of the American television series The Lucy Show. It originally aired February 20, 1967. It starred Lucille Ball of the formerly long-running (1951-57) TV series I Love Lucy, and co-starred comedian Don Rickles.
  • Plot summary: Lucy convinces a former Madison Square Garden prize-fighter named Eddie Rickles, now a floral delivery boy who needs $3,000 as a down payment to buy his boss's flower shop, to go back into the ring to earn the money. Lucy spends a few days training Eddie for a bout with Sonny Shaw. Meanwhile, her banking boss, Mr. Mooney (Gale Gordon), has found Eddie a great job as a major floral designer, but Eddie is no longer interested, having become delusional that he will become a famous fighter with custom-made shirts, foreign cars, choice seating in night-clubs, and beautiful women on his arm. So Lucy, trying to get Eddie to "listen to reason," puts a rock into a glove and steps into the ring to be Eddie's sparring partner and knocks him out with one punch. As Eddie comes to, Mr. Mooney arrives and accidentally gets knocked out by Lucy too.
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