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Trainer: Erotilde Ferreira do Carmo Baltazar


Sidebar: Baltazar never been knocked out

The president of the Federation of Boxing, Newton Campos, ensures that saw Erotildes Ferreira do Carmo, the Baltazar, as a fighter in the 1950s. "I watched about seven or eight of his fights by Cobraseixos of Osasco, in Greater Sao Paulo, but the vocation of Baltazar was coaching. Nevertheless, I remember that was never knocked out," he says. More than that, the old coach was known for helping others to rise.

Wrestler and auxiliary Baltazar Club School Tatuapé (east of Sao Paulo) since 1988, Nei Andrade Lima says the teacher was proud of never having put a student out of the academy simple, with old equipment. Even so, become street boys in boxers. "The Baltazar said formed champions when they won no titles, but when she could sway them from the dangers of the streets," said Nilson Garrido, his disciple since 1970. He recalls that many students came to sleep underneath the ring, because they had no ceiling. The coach himself lived for eight years in the club hall.

Simone Duarte, daughter of Baltazar, said that besides creating the 52 children (between natural and adoptive), he still took his players they needed a roof into the house.

Garrido was only 10 when he began training with Baltazar in a gym without running water and illumination

Even retired by the city, Baltazar insisted on teaching boxing and gym club remained in school. On the last day on March 23, after 88 rounds, one year each, the final gong sounded for Baltazar, who left without being knocked out