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  • Azteca, is the second largest Mexican television entertainment. It was established in 1983 as the state-owned Instituto Mexicano de la Televisión ("Imevisión"), a holding of the national TV networks channel 13 (1968, state-owned since 1972) and 7 and was privatized under its current name in 1993 and now is part of Grupo Salinas. Its flagship program is the newscast Hechos.
  • In Mexico TV Azteca operates two networks: Azteca 13 and Azteca 7. Both enjoy near national coverage, mostly via over the air TV, cable TV, DBS, and FTA. Both networks are available in HD Azteca 13 can also be seen live online via Azteca's website.
  • The TV Azteca also operates Azteca 13 Internacional, reaching 13 countries in Central and South America.
  • TV Azteca owns part of Azteca América network in the United States.
  • On March 7, 2011 TV Azteca changes of name to Azteca, for the subdivision simplification.

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