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Name: Michael Constantino
Hometown: New York, New York, USA
Boxing Record: click

One-handed boxer Michael Constantino achieved notoriety in 2011 when he sued the Transit Security Administration of the United States for denying him a position as an airport baggage handler. His attorney pointed out Constantino, a boxer, would in fact be more qualified than other applicants in event of a potential terrorist incident as his boxing skills offer a better TSA line of defense in an attack or dangerous situation or scenario than ordinary workers. Physically, Constantino went public saying he can do everything a two-handed workers can do, and the greater purpose of the lawsuit was not just to obtain an employment position with the TSA with back pay, but to insure in the future Americans With Disabilities will not be discriminated against in similar fashion by the TSA and other government agencies. The TSA sent Constantino a letter saying the Federal government gives them the right not to hire him due to his handicap. Constantino replied the government guarantees Americans With Disabilities cannot be discriminated against, not be discriminated against by the government.

  • Born with a stump for the right hand, it must be noted Constantino still has both arms, and can use the gloved stump right hand for holding situations, and close range body shots.
  • One-handed Golden Gloves boxer who turned professional in 2012, fully licensed by the New York State Athletic Commission.
  • First noteworthy pro boxer missing all of part of a limb since one-legged cruiserweight contender Craig Bodzianowski, who went the distance in a WBA world title bout with Robert Daniels in 1989.
  • Won professional debut by TKO in the second round at Aviator Arena in Brooklyn
  • Disabled man suing TSA for discrimination, Fox News Insider online report with video interview of Michael Constantino and his attorney [[1]]
  • One-handed Boxer Shatters Boxing Stereotypes, December 2012 Ring Combat Media Story [[2]]