Michael Moorer vs. Evander Holyfield (2nd meeting)

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1997-11-08 : Michael Moorer 223 lbs lost to Evander Holyfield 214 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 8 of 12

Aired On: Showtime Championship Boxing (Main Event)
Ring Announcer: Jimmy Lennon Jr.
Promoter: Don King Productions


  • Michael Moorer 39-1 (31 KOs) vs. Evander Holyfield (34-3) 24 KOs
  • Fight was the first and only bout for Moorer under trainer Freddie Roach.
  • Holyfield entered as a 3.5/1 betting favorite.
  • Moorer knocked down once in 5th and twice in 7th and 8th.

Bout Summary

Evander, the fan favorite of those in attendance, came out the aggressor in the opening round working behind the jab. A counter right hand by Moorer temporarily wobbled Holyfield in the final seconds of the round. He quickly regained himself and fired back before the round ended. Holyfield came out throwing early in the 2nd, but Moorer was able to find success counter-punching against his opponents aggression. Holyfield was warned in the round for a low blow. Evander had a strong first half of Round 3 landing power shots against a defensive Moorer.
Fight Poster
Action was paused midway through the round as an accidental clash of heads opened a small cut on the right eyebrow of Holyfield that would open up a bit in the latter rounds. Moorer worked well after the delay finding a home for his stiff jab. In Round 4, Moorer continued to work behind a good jab. Holyfield threw his whole body into punches before retreating to the ropes with his left hand down inviting Moorer to make a mistake. The round concluded with Holyfield landing big punches and Moorer working with shorter shots well on the inside. Moorer came out in the 5th and was having a strong round appearing that he may distance himself from Holyfield. The first knockdown came, however, as Holyfield connected with an uppercut followed shortly by a thudding right hand. Moorer stumbled back and went down to all fours at 2:37. He remained on his knees before making it to his feet at the count of eight. Moorer appeared recovered from the knockdown in Round 6 and looked to prove his point by lifting Evander onto his shoulder during a clinch. A minute into Round 7 Holyfield connected with a right hand, left hook combination that caused Moorer's knees to give and sent him stumbling back across the ring. Moorer was able to fend Evander's initial assault, but a right hand at 1:35 again sent him backwards. A big right uppercut at 1:53 sent Moorer down to his knees for the second time in the bout. He remained on one knee and made it to his feet at the count of eight. A followup barrage highlighted by another right uppercut caused Moorer's knees to go and sent him down again at 2:21. This time he was up at the count of three and action continued. Holyfield dropped Moorer again at 1:55 in Round 8 from a pair of right hands. Moorer made it to his feet at that count of eight and rather than appearing terribly hurt appeared angry at himself for again going down. The fifth and final knockdown came as the round ended from a multi-punch combination that put Moorer flat on his back. To his credit, he again rolled over and got to his feet at eight and was allowed to continue. Following Round 8, however, the fight was ended on the ruling of the ringside physician Flip Homansky after viewing Moorer in his corner. A disappointed Moorer was shown in his corner, perhaps against his best interest, wanting to continue.


  • "Michael Moorer impressed me tonight." - Bobby Czyz announcing for television
  • "I wasn't in trouble. The thing is, Mike's got a good jab. I either can try to match his jab and lose my game plan. I realized that if I could just not get hit with the jab as many times as I got in the first fight then I was a lot better... I was able to hit him with clean right hands, but the thing is I couldn't followup with clean combinations and he was able to get away from the second punch." - Evander Holyfield in the post-fight interview discussing action prior to the 5th Round knockdown
  • "Deep down inside when people come to win, in their mind they've already said (that) if anything happens I'm getting back up. He was able to get back up each and every time and that just shows the courage and the heart that he has. He came to win and when you have a guy that came to win, it's always going to be a good fight. There's no quitting." - Holyfield on Moorer