Miguel Angel Cotto vs. Alfonso Gomez

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CompuBox Punchstats[1]

Total Punches Cotto Gomez Landed 188 63 Thrown 369 316 Pct. 51% 20% Jabs Cotto Gomez Landed 63 17 Thrown 156 173 Pct. 40% 10% Power Punches Cotto Gomez Landed 125 46 Thrown 213 143 Pct. 59% 32%

2008-04-12 : Miguel Cotto 146½ lbs beat Alfonso Gomez 147 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 5 of 12


Cotto vs. Gomez.jpg
  • Cotto staggered Gomez with a body shot at the end of round one.
  • Gomez down in round two (flash knockdown).
  • Cotto dropped Gomez with a left hook to the body in round three.
  • Gomez down in round five from a jab.
  • The fight was stopped on the advice of the ring doctor before the start of the sixth round.