Miguel Angel Cotto vs. Michael Jennings

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Jabs Cotto Jennings
Landed 46 13
Thrown 102 153
Percent 45% 9%
Power Punches Cotto Jennings
Landed 72 17
Thrown 135 44
Percent 53% 39%
Total Punches Cotto Jennings
Landed 118 30
Thrown 237 197
Percent 50% 15%

2009-02-21 : Miguel Cotto 147 lbs beat Michael Jennings 146½ lbs by TKO at 2:38 in round 5 of 12



The fight started slow with both fighters feeling each other out by throwing their jabs. Cotto started to land the left hook in the second round, as Jennings appeared a bit tentative as he stayed on the move and used every inch of the ring to stay away from Cotto's power punches. In the third round, Jennings continued to move away and tied Cotto up when he got close. Cotto had a tight defense that made it very hard for Jennings to land much of anything. In round four, Jennings nose began to bleed and in the final minute, a hard left hook to the head and some body shots sent Jennings down for the first time. A few seconds later, some more body shots sent Jennings down for the second time. He got up, but Cotto trapped him in the corner and battered him with combinations as the clock ran out and Jennings survived to the next round. Jennings came out in survival mode in the fifth round, as Cotto would trap Jennings against the ropes and land some vicious body shots to send him down for the third time. Jennings made it to his feet but was in no condition to continue and the referee stopped the fight.

Purses: Cotto - $1 million plus