Miguel Angel Cotto vs. Shane Mosley

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Cotto Mosley
Landed 248 248
Thrown 675 774
Pct. 37% 32%
Jabs Cotto Mosley
Landed 98 71
Thrown 288 439
Pct. 34% 16%
Power Punches Cotto Mosley
Landed 150 177
Thrown 387 335
Pct. 39% 53%

2007-11-10 : Miguel Cotto 146¼ lbs beat Shane Mosley 146¼ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

Bout Summary

Miguel Angel Cotto vs. Shane Mosley poster.jpg

Cotto landed the better shots in round one and most of round two, however Mosley landed some good rights at the end of the second. Both landed big shots in round three with Cotto momentarily rocked by a right hand. The two fighters then had some good exchanges in the fourth. Round five was close, but Cotto appeared to be taking control in the sixth. Mosley adjusted and tried boxing from the outside in the seventh round. The boxing continued in the eighth as Mosley moved and Cotto pursued. Mosley hurt Cotto in the ninth round but Cotto fought back gamely at the end of the round. Mosley dominated the first half of the tenth, but Cotto rallied in the second half. Mosley pressed in the eleventh, but Cotto landed some great counterpunches to win the round. Possibly thinking he had the fight won, Cotto stayed out of range in the final round.

Purses: Shane Mosley - $2 million