Mike Alvarado vs. Breidis Prescott

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2011-11-12 : Mike Alvarado 140 lbs beat Breidis Prescott 140 lbs by TKO at 1:53 in round 10 of 10


  • Mike Alvarado 31-0 (22 KOs) vs. Breidis Prescott 24-3 (19 KOs)
  • Fight was on the undercard of Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez (3rd meeting).
  • Prescott was coming off a close, but unanimous, decision loss to Paul McCloskey (22-1) just two months prior.
  • Both men weighed 157 lbs. on the night of the fight.
  • It was both the first time Prescott has been down in his professional career and his first knockout loss.
  • Alvarado came to the ring to "I Get Around" by Tupac Shakur.
  • Through nine rounds, HBO's Harold Lederman scored the bout 87-84 in favor of Prescott.
  • Jim Lampley read the judges' scorecards following the stoppage and announced them as 87-84, 87-84, 86-85 all in favor of Prescott.

Bout Summary

Prescott came out the aggressor, worked behind a jab, and occasionally mixed in power shots around the guard of Alvarado. Alvarado did very little in the opening round and struggled to land from the distance at which he was being kept. According to compubox, Prescott outlanded

Punch Stats
Total Punches Alvarado Prescott
Landed 192 208
Thrown 566 608
Pct. 34% 34%
Power Punches Alvarado Prescott
Landed 120 98
Thrown 279 273
Pct. 43% 36%

Alvarado 22-6 in the round. Prescott continued to outwork Alvarado in Round 2 with mostly straight shots from the outside and an occasional flurry with body punching. Prescott too had success on the inside as Alvarado continued to miss with the majority of his punches. Alvarado showed increased energy and aggression in Round 3 landing more with his jab and a clean right hand near the two-minute mark. Prescott, who mostly moved and jabbed, was warned in the opening minute of Round 3 for a punch which strayed low. The third ended with both men landing some good shots in close. By the end of the round, Alvarado was bleeding from the nose. Prescott battered Alvarado in the opening minute of Round 4, as Alvarado began to bleed from both a bad split to his lip and a cut on his left eyelid. Alvarado came on, however, in the final minute of the round and the two threw exchanged punches past the bell. Alvarado began to catch Prescott in Round 5, despite his face being covered in blood, as Prescott was a step slower, and landed less frequently with mostly jabs. Also in the round a small cut and some bruising and swelling developed under Alvarado's left eye. Much of Round 6 was fought in close with each man landed some solid uppercuts. By the end of the round, some swelling had developed to Prescott's right eye. Alvarado landed the cleaner shots in Round 7, with a 13 to 1 advantage in power punches, and stuck Prescott with a couple nice right hands. A small cut opened under Prescott's left eye in the round. Alvarado continued to gain momentum in Round 8 with a higher output and connect rate. His 33 punches landed in the round was the most for him thus far. By the end of the round, Prescott was bleeding from the mouth and slightly from the nose. Alvarado snapped back his opponent's head with jabs early in Round 9, as Prescott "labored" a bit, but too landed his jab and controlled the second half of the round. Alvarado caught Prescott with some solid right hands in the opening minute of Round 10. A big right uppercut followed by a left uppercut sent Prescott down at 1:15 of Round 10. He was up at the count of five. Alvarado stuffed Prescott with three consecutive right uppercuts which caused the referee to step in and wave an end to the bout.


  • "He's (Alvarado) not trying to show this crowd, "Look at me, I've got heart. Now let me be brave and come and get my beating." He's fighting with heart, trying to win." - Max Kellerman in Round 5.
  • Very good stoppage, Prescott was out on his feet. At the end of the day, that was a fascinating comeback effort for Alvarado and even though it looked like all war and blood and guts in there, it was a technical adjustment that (Alvarado) made that changed the fight." Jim Lampley
  • "Jay Nady is exactly right. That's how a fighter gets permanently damaged. Dramatic ending to an excellent prizefight." Max Kellerman
  • "Good stoppage. The only reason Prescott didn't fall was that he was falling forward and grabbing onto the body of his opponent. Other than that, he was going face down. Fantastic victory." - Emanuel Steward