Mike Jones vs. Luciano Perez

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2008-12-05 : Mike Jones 144½ lbs beat Luciano Perez 153½ lbs by TKO at 1:56 in round 3 of 10

  • Time: 1:56
  • Weights: Jones 144½ lbs, Perez 153½ lbs
  • Aired on: Solo Boxeo


Perez’ entire game plan comprised of applying constant pressure to the taller and leaner Jones, hoping to force him into a defensive shell. He enjoyed mild success, but only in a short term capacity. Jones took control in the second round, repeatedly scoring with the jab and his left hook while maintaining a tight defensive guard. Consecutive left uppercuts had Perez hurt late in the round, leading to repeated clinching as well as a warning from the referee for hitting on the break. In round three, Jones was rocked by the onrushing Perez, to where he was forced to clinch until he could clear his head. Seconds later, he was trading with Perez, willing to take the fight to him. The calculated risk reaped major dividends as Jones landing three left hooks, the last one followed by a straight right to produce the bout’s first knockdown. Perez took the count and was willing to come back for more. A fusillade of shots had Perez pinned on the ropes until a left hook dropped Perez to the canvas. The count was once again on; Perez was up in time to stop it at eight, but was on unsteady legs, which convinced the referee to call it an evening.