Mike Tyson vs. Tyrell Biggs

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1987-10-16 : Mike Tyson 216 lbs beat Tyrell Biggs 228¾ lbs by TKO at 2:59 in round 7 of 15


For a short while, at least, during the first round, Biggs did what some said he could do to Tyson, keeping him away with sharp jabs while taking blows to the chin with seeming ease. But Tyson began to wear Biggs down, landing often with his left hook, an occasional sharp jab of his own and some quick rights. Biggs absorbed them all but failed to keep circling and flinging in his jab, making the final outcome clear to those on hand.

It ended at 2:59 of the seventh round Friday night when still another Tyson left hook sent Biggs flying into his corner, where his body thudded to the canvas with his feet in the air. Although the end came with only a second remaining in the round, it appeared over about a minute earlier when Tyson stuck Biggs with a hard left hand that sent Biggs down across the bottom rope and nearly out of the ring with Tyson's momentum carrying him forward into the ropes and over the felled challenger. However, Biggs regained his feet as referee Tony Orlando reached the count of nine.

He attacked Biggs with his crashing left hook, and the gallant Philadelphian, also fighting off a deep cut over his left eye since the third round, was finished.

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  • Mike Tyson 31-0 (27 KOs) vs. Tyrell Biggs 15-0 (10 KOs)
  • Biggs, who earned $1.25 million, entered as a 10 to 1 betting underdog. Tyson had just signed a seven-fight deal with HBO for $26.5 million.
  • It was the first fight for Tyson as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
  • Tyson relished the opportunity to fight Biggs, as it was Biggs who earned the Olympic gold medal and amateur attention Tyson had sought three years earlier.
  • Biggs was to have fought Tyson May 30, a date that eventually went to Pinklon Thomas after Biggs needed 32 stitches to close a cut he suffered over his left eye March 6 against David Bey.
  • In the same month, the hugely popular video game "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!" was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Tyson reportedly earned $50,000 for a three-year period for use of his name and likeness.


  • "He`s never fought anyone like me, someone with a strong jab who can box and is not going in there just to survive. Do you think I`m going to walk into the roundhouse punches of a guy who`s 5-8? Everyone else has counted me out. I don't feed into that. As far as him being invincible is concerned, on Oct. 16, I'll just have to prove that wrong . . . Come Oct. 16, I'm going to shock the world. Any expert who says I'm not ready for Tyson is no expert at all. I've gone through hell in 15 fights. I don't know this Tyson the way you guys talk about him. I know Tyson from way back when."" - Tyrell Biggs
  • "From what we've seen of Biggs, he fights as if the objective of boxing is to get hit in the jaw." - Jim Jacobs, Tyson's manager.
  • "He was doing so much talking that I wanted to make him pay with his health. I don't want to sound egotistical, but I could have knocked him out in the third round. I wanted to do it slowly. I wanted him to remember this for a long time." - Mike Tyson in the post-fight interview
  • "I'll fight any man in the world, because I do believe there is no one in this planet that can beat me." - Tyson after the win.
  • "In my mind, I knew it was for 15 rounds and I was prepared to put the pressure on him constantly for 15 rounds. I was having a great time in there. I felt good. I was in the best condition of my life and I did what I was supposed o do. I knew when I came to this fight, I was the best fighter in the world and not a man alive can beat me. When I was hitting him with body punches, I heard him actually crying in there, making woman gestures (imitates woman's crying noise). I knew that he was breaking down soon. I was very calm I was thinking about Roberto Duran, how he used to cut down the runners and just wear them down. I had that frame of mind when I was in the ring. I wasn't even thinking about the cut (Biggs'), I was thinking about hitting him to the body - softening him up." - Tyson in the post-fight interview with Larry Merchant.
  • "Losing like I did really put a damper on me psychologically. I wasn't doing hard drugs any more, but I was binging on other things. I'd binge on sex. When you have money -- and I made a lot of money to fight Tyson of course -- that's going to attract women. I also binged on food, on certain candy bars. I'd go in the store and buy three of them. Then I'd go back and buy three more. Next trip, I'd buy a whole box." - Tyrell Biggs in a 2009 interview with the Standard-Examiner


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