Mitchel Field

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Mineola, Long Island, NY, USA

  • Address: 333 Earle Ovington Boulevard (?)
  • Famous for its flying field, this military base offered many boxing shows during the 1920s. It is often misspelled as "Mitchell." It was named for former New York City Mayor John Purroy Mitchel, not flying ace Billy Mitchell.
  • From NY Times Sept. 4, 1930 - "A fire which started in the boiler room of the Army aviation post here shortly before midnight had destroyed three buildings early this morning and was threatening to spread to hangars sheltering seventy-five valuable airplanes, despite the combined efforts of the fire departments of fifteen nearby communities. The blaze broke out just as several thousand persons were departing from the regular Wednesday evening boxing bouts and many members of the crowd joined with soldiers in pushing out of danger six cars filled with high-test aviation gasoline which had stood on a siding fifteen feet from the blazing structures."
  • Also known as "Mitchel Field Arena"
  • Billy Roche: matchmaker