Muhammad Ali vs. Alfredo Evangelista

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1977-05-16 : Muhammad Ali 221¼ lbs beat Alfredo Evangelista 209¼ lbs by UD in round 15 of 15


  • "Evangelista can't be no better than these two black brothers you saw. Can't be no better! Did you see me overweight and not conditioned and didn't have no real trouble? Still moving, my legs are there, my reflexes. I'll lose the weight. I got time. But if you think these two bad brothers can't get to me, what do you think some Evangelista is gonna do? He can't be as good as these boys, and I'm going to be in shape then." - Ali after boxing exhibitions with Michael Dokes and Jody Ballard a month before the Evangelista fight
  • I'm 35-years-old and I danced fifteen rounds. It's a miracle." - Ali after the fight