Muhammad Ali vs. George Chuvalo (2nd meeting)

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1972-05-01 : Muhammad Ali 217½ lbs beat George Chuvalo 221 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

Ali predicted he would drop Chuvalo, who had never been knocked down.

The pattern of the fight was established in round one when a right uppercut from Ali landed flush and Chuvalo barely blinked.

After absorbing a big right cross in round five, Ali stood stationary in a corner for about a minute and dared Chuvalo to hit him.

In the sixth round, Ali let fly with everything in his arsenal. He jolted Chuvalo with a series of combinations, but Chuvalo was going nowhere.

Ali won by a lopsided decision, but he never came close to putting Chuvalo down. In ninety-three professionals fights, Chuvalo was never knocked off his feet.

Pre-Fight Quotes

  • "I'm not gonna let it be said there was ever a heavyweight that didn't fall. They have pictures showing my heels. Jack Johnson fell, Jack Dempsey fell, Sugar Ray Robinson fell, Joe Frazier fell, and George Chuvalo is gonna fall." - Muhammad Ali
  • "I'm a better fighter than I was in 1966 and he's not as good a fighter as he was then." - George Chuvalo

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