Nate Goldman

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Name: Nate Goldman
Alias: Sailor/Marine Goldman
Born: 1900-08-24
Died: 1979-09-00 (Age:79)
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Height: 5′ 6½″   /   169cm
Boxing Record: click

Nate Goldman was a Hebrew boxer from Philadelphia who started his career on the West Coast while in the United States Marine Corps. His record was published in three editions of the Andrews record books in the mid-1920s. Nearly all of the fights listed in these records appear in, with the following exceptions (all apparently occurring on the West Coast when he was in the Marines).

  • Gene Cline, before 1923, W Points 4
  • Mike O'Leary, before 1923, W Points 4
  • Young Roth, before 1923, W ko 2

A record for Goldman also appeared in a slender record book published by the Cambria Athletic Club in January 1926. In it, he is listed as having fought a 10-round draw with Ray Mitchell in Norristown PA in 1925, but this fight has not yet been verified. Ranked by Chuck Hasson as one of the top twenty welterweights in Philadelphia boxing history at