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Newspaper & Magazine Articles to Research

Tacoma, Washington, USA

What follows is a collection of articles appearing in old-time publications (such as newspapers and magazines) that purport to contain information that researchers may find useful. These articles have not been fully read or photocopied yet. (Articles published in The Ring or Boxing Illustrated are not included, because the individual Wiki pages devoted to those issues generally already contain a description of the articles appeared within them.) This page is devoted solely to Tacoma, Washington newspapers.

See also, Source Articles to Research.

  • 1900-02-03: Birth places of many foreign boxers. Tacoma Evening News
  • 1900-02-03: How Kid McCoy got his name. Tacoma Evening News
  • 1900-02-17: Terry McGovern’s boxing advice. Tacoma Evening News
  • 1900-06-23: Article: Boxing languishing because of poor management by previous promoters. Tacoma Evening News
  • 1908-04-10: "Boxing Sport is Booming in Many Northwest Cities" Tacoma Daily News (Tacoma, WA, UA)
  • 1909-02-01: "Why the Negro Fighter is Successful" (Claims that white boxers are "proud, intractable and self-sufficient," while the black boxer is "modest, docile, and willing to learn.") Tacoma Daily News
  • 1909-06-27: Article on Stanley Ketchel's "original fighting style" and on his "triple shift". Tacoma Daily News, Tacoma Tribune or Tacoma Daily Ledger (uncertain of exact source)
  • 1909-Oct: A series of Saturday articles started in October on former champions. Tacoma Daily Ledger
  • 1910-06-05: For three Sundays the Tacoma Daily Ledger published a series of articles on Nonpareil Jack Dempsey.
  • 1910-08-11: Career record (1900-09) of Joe Gans. Tacoma Daily Ledger
  • 1910-10-23: "Why England Produces So Few Good Fighters" Tacoma Daily Ledger
  • 1910-12-15: Histories of Pete McVeigh, Chick Hudson, and Roscoe Taylor. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1911-04-03: Article on Carl Morris plus a letter from him, with brief bio. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1911-11-22: "Boxers Today Not As Good," by Harry Forbes. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1911-11-25: "How Jack Johnson Started at Boxing" (Tacoma's Mark Shaughnessy claimed he discovered the 5'-11¾", 20-year-old heavyweight champion Jack Johnson 12 years earlier in a small Illinois town.) Tacoma Daily News
  • 1912-05-07: "How Ring Titles are Passed Out by England's Boxing Clubs" Tacoma Daily News
  • 1912-08-23: "Olympic Committee to Include Boxing as a Regular Event" Tacoma Daily News
  • 1912-10-24: Article on Joe Bayley's career. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1912-12-03: "Why Gentleman Jimmy Potts Went Into Boxing Business" Tacoma Daily News
  • 1912-12-16: Good biography on Luther (Luck) McCarty. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1913-03-28: Long article on the career of Joe Choynski, and another on Ed (Gunboat) Smith. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1913-05-23: Article on Packey McFarland's "half-clenched" fist style. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1913-05-31: Article on ring deaths by Biddy Bishop. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1913-10-24: Article on Percy Cove (138 bouts so far). Tacoma Daily News
  • 1913-11-08: Article on old-timer George Kirwan ("The Mystery"). Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-01-30: Article on Fred Welsh. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-03-14: "John L. Sullivan's Hardest Battle" Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-03-21: Career bio of "Sunny" Jim Coffroth (& cartoon). Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-03-28: Biddy Bishop article on Louie Long and Jack Cordell. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-03-31: Biddy Bishop article on the virtues of boxing. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-04-24: Career and bio of Al McCoy. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-05-15: Negative, racist article/cartoon on Mexican boxers by Ripley (includes Aurelio Herrera, Mauro Herrerra, and Mexican Pete Everett). Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-05-28: Article on one-round, one-punch KOs. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-06-03: "How Fred Welsh Began His Brilliant Career" Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-07-21: "Battling Nelson's Ring Bouts" series of articles starts. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1914-12-29: Article on boxers' and their birthplaces. Tacoma Daily News
  • 1915-01-13: Jess Willard article for the Tacoma Daily News.
  • 1917-08-09: First mention of Jack Dempsey Tacoma Daily News
  • 1918-04-06: "Freakish Punches of Ring" Tacoma Tribune
  • 1918-04-13: History & popularity of lightweights article. Tacoma Tribune
  • 1918-08-15: Jack Dempsey's record-to-date Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1919-07-10: Early article on Joe Benjamin Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1920-09-17: "London Promoter Says Boxers Ungrateful" Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1921-03-22: "Stanley Ketchel Has KO Record" Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1921-06-21: Jack Dempsey's first bouts. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1921-09-01: "Weak Hands Are Common in Ring" Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1921-12-07: First mention of Pancho Villa. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1921-12-26: "Touting Villa's Ability" Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1935-02-07: "Sam Langford Tells of Ring Battles Past" Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1935-Jul/Aug: Many articles and photos of Freddie Steele. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1936-03-23: World champions developed in the United States Navy. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1936-03-24: Huge article on Freddie Steele. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1939-10-26: Why Freddie Steele Will Not Make a Comeback. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1943-02-05: History/list of Fort Lewis boxers through the years. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1943-08-18: Article on southpaws thru history. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1943-08-20: List of Tacoma boxers of the past. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1948-02-22: Northwest Golden Gloves tournament results. Tacoma News Tribune
  • 1950-12-17: Harry (Kid) Matthews’s home life. Tacoma News Tribune