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Nikolay Valuev vs. Monte Barrett

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Total Punches Valuev Barrett
Landed 186 127
Thrown 459 440
Pct. 41% 29%
Power Punches Valuev Barrett
Landed 126 88
Thrown 283 281
Pct. 45% 31%

2006-10-07 : Nikolay Valuev 328 lbs beat Monte Barrett 222½ lbs by TKO at 2:12 in round 11 of 12

  • World Boxing Association Heavyweight Title (2nd defence of Valuev)
  • Time: 2:12
  • Weights: Valuev 328 lbs, Barrett 222.5 lbs



- Valuev makes the second successful defense of his title.
- Both fighters were wobbled in the first. Barrett down in the 8th round.
- Barrett was also down twice in the 11th round.
- O'Brien allowed the fight to continue after the third knockdown, but Barrett's trainer, James Bashir, jumped in the ring to protect his fighter from additional punishment and forced the stoppage.

Preceded by:
Valuev vs. Beck
WBA Heavyweight Title Fight
# 84
Succeeded by:
Valuev vs. McCline

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