Ole Røisland

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Ole Røisland in 1934

Ole Røisland was born in 1911 and was a 1920s amateur welterweight boxer from Stavanger, Norway. He trained with future World Bantamweight Champion Pete Sanstol. In fact, Sanstol is said to have idolized Røisland, saying that he was so outstanding he should have become a professional, too.

Røisland fought out of Stavanger until 1934, when he moved to Oslo. There he fought for the Torshaug Club. (Røisland became a boxing instructor for younger people by the mid-1930s, also.) His career was stopped short in 1936 after a knife assault while working as a guard at a sales convention. He made several attempts to train himself back to a return, but failed. It wasn't until 1945 that he made a comeback, taking his last National title in 1948 and having his last fight in 1949. He was on the National Team at least eight times. His amateur career was some 80 wins and 16 losses, but that is only what is recorded in the newspapers.

His date of death is unknown, but it is known that he is not buried in Norway.