Oleg Maskaev vs. Hasim Rahman (1st meeting)

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Total Punches Rahman Maskaev Landed 187 177 Thrown 478 432 Pct. 39% 41% Power Punches Rahman Maskaev Landed 116 107 Thrown 266 260 Pct. 44% 41%

1999-11-06 : Hasim Rahman 234 lbs lost to Oleg Maskaev 236 lbs by KO at 0:40 in round 8 of 10

  • Time: 0:40
  • Weights: Maskaev 236 lbs, Rahman 234 lbs


- Maskaev caught Rahman with a right hand that knocked Rahman through the ropes, onto a ringside table, and eventually to the floor. A brief melee then ensued between fans and security personnel.
- This fight was given Honorable Mention for "Knockout of the Year" by The Ring Magazine.
- The "Knockout of the Year" was the Derrick Jefferson vs. Maurice Harris bout, which was on the same card.
- See also: Maskaev vs. Rahman II.