One Round Hogan

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Hogan: circa 1912

Name: One Round Hogan
Alias: Jack Hogan
Birth Name: George F. Hogan
Born: 1889-00-00
Died: 1959-00-00 (Age:70)
Hometown: San Francisco, California, USA
Boxing Record: click

Manager: Gil Boag [1]
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One Round Hogan, also known as "Jack Hogan," was a popular San Francisco area lightweight boxer during the city's four-round era of the early 1910s. (At this time San Francisco preferred four-rounders, as opposed to the ten-rounders staged in the Los Angeles area. [2] This is to be distinguished from California's state-wide Four-Round Era that started in late 1914.) He also had some success on the East Coast and even "won the hearts" of British fans. [3]

He was credited with scoring 18 consecutive first round knockouts for a number of years. However, this was never confirmed, and Young Otto became the official record holder for most consecutive first-round knockouts until that record was broken in 2006 by Edwin Valero.

In early 1929, Hogan sued a motion picture company for $75,000, claiming his reputation was ridiculed and harmed by a 1927 boxing movie that used his alias for the main character.

Hogan was later a referee in California. [4]

  • Hogan's record as of January 1911 (32 bouts): [5]