Orlando Salido vs. Cristobal Cruz

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2008-10-23 : Orlando Salido 126 lbs lost to Cristobal Cruz 126 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

Aired on: Versus

  • It was a spirited, fairly even bout.
  • Versus reported these blows: Cruz 259/1178 22%, Salido 272/1017 27%.

Very entertained fight, Salido had a brilliant start easily winning the first and middle rounds, Cruz who looked as if he had 3 lungs at the time, never gave up and started to look better around the 8th. or 9th. rounds, forcing the action and closing the fight very strong, it seems that Salido got overconfident and Cruz stole the fight in the second part in the eyes of some observers, with many others thinking that Salido deserved the victory because of the big lead that he built in the first 2 thirds of the fight.