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Orlando Salido vs. Juan Manuel Lopez (2nd meeting)

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CompuBox Punchstats [1]
Total Punches Salido Lopez
Landed 236 138
Thrown 637 559
Pct. 37% 25%
Jabs Salido Lopez
Landed 5 27
Thrown 55 172
Pct. 9% 16%
Power Punches Salido Lopez
Landed 230 111
Thrown 582 387
Pct. 40% 29%

2012-03-10 : Orlando Salido 126 lbs beat Juan Manuel Lopez 125¾ lbs by TKO at 0:32 in round 10 of 12


  • Althought Salido dominated the most rounds by outlanding and outworking his challenger in every round except the first, two judges surprisingly had Lopez ahead, while one judge saw the bout as a draw after nine rounds.
  • Salido wobbled Lopez in the fifth round but was knocked down by Lopez with a counter right hand as Salido went on the attack
  • With toe-to-toe action and about 200 punches thrown, the ninth round emerged as a "Round Of The Year" candidate
  • Early in the tenth, Salido landed a hard three punch combination, knocking Lopez down. Lopez came back on his feet, but was on very unsteady legs, so referee Roberto Ramirez waved the bout off.
  • After the fight Lopez said in an interview with Showtime that he felt he was dominating the bout and alleged that the referee stopped the fight early due to a gambling problem. Therefore, the WBO suspended Lopez for one year [2][3]
  • Salido stated he’s willing to fight Juanma a third time.
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