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Name: Osvalmir Damasceno
Alias: Jamaica Blindado
Birth Name: Osvalmir Damasceno Santos
Born: 1983-06-08
Birthplace: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 3″   /   160cm
Reach: 63″   /   160cm
Boxing Record: click

Titles Held as a Professional

Date Titles Held Professional Defenses Title Active Champion
2010 S A B P U V South American Super Flyweight
2010 Brazilian Champion Super Flyweight
2010 Sao Paulo State Super Flyweight
2007 UBC Iberian-American Super Flyweight

Amateur Achievements

Amateur fights:






  • Kid Jofre Tournament.......................2nd...................2003
  • Paulista Championship.....................1st...................2003
  • Champions Tournament....................1st...................2003
  • Golden Gloves Tournament...............1st...................2004

Reached the 4th place in 2005 by Brazilian confederation.


Jamaica Blindado "Shielded"

Osvamir Damasceno Shielded

Pugilist and fighter, better known as “Jamaica Blindado”, my birth name is Osvalmir Damasceno Santos.

I was born in Salvador, Bahia, on June-8th, 1983, on a Wednesday at 9 am.

I grew up at Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

I have always been original, messing around night and day, making odd jobs to pay my rent. I’m also a great son, joyful, an exemplary individual.

Coming to live at São Paulo, I had to eat. I like depending of nobody but myself, so I and a couple of fellows started making money, but our job was different: we plundered houses. Once there was nobody there, we would get in and get our money, an average of R$ 600-800 per day, to be split by 3 or 2. We got busted once, and the cops took all our money. We had R$ 800, they sad “I don’t ever wanna see you again doing it around here.”

It was our last day. Then we went to work with drugs. We would sell a lot, and use even more. I used “the minimum required”, I had my bills e two houses to pay for. One of my friends became an addicted; the other used it a lot, he used more than he would sell, always owing money to people… I have no idea of how they ended up.

I had everything: money, women, drugs, parties, but everything conquered illegally.

Alcohol and drugs does not work with any kind of sport and even life, but specially sports. There is the anti-doping and nobody wants to give up on their dreams, their talent.

It was a phase I had to go through, I was a rebel guy, had a few girlfriends, no discipline and irresponsible.

Love to me was wild: all I had to do was pay for it and have sex for a couple of hours.

Today I have a different mind; I consider having a family, a home, a future. My “father”, rest in peace, would say: “Studying or working?”. I had to make a choice and I decided to study, I study until this very day.

Coincidence or not, I started boxing. The “boss” of the drug dealers had good feelings towards me and would always help me with vitamins, transportation, money, day-offs. Today I can say: boxing took me out of crime life.

I became obsessed with fights, started training with important trainers and found my own style, a bit undisciplined, not accepting trainer’s intentional mistakes. All these experiences gave me discipline and knowledge; since then I wouldn’t accept a lot of things, but I kept respecting opinions.

In the amateurs, I had my debut on “Forja de Campeões”, equivalent to “Golden gloves”, tournament in which fought 3 times on bantamweight category. I lost it in a suspicious decision, but I didn’t quit, I’m looking forward to my ascension on professional career.

Today, “boss” is dead and couldn’t see the success he helped to build. I never went to jail and the 4 times I got busted I was later released due to law: bribing law.

With my talent, I got people’s attention, obtaining fame and anger from less blessed fighters.

I’m different of everyone. I like so much what I do that I say “I’m the best of all”.

Not becoming a champion on “Forja” didn’t become a frustration, but watch associations working dishonestly became. I believe the problem is not only with organizations, but also with the ones on the corner guiding the pugilist.

My dream isn’t over, after 5 years of amateur boxing, I did my pro debut and felt excited with the change. I didn’t have the pleasure fighting on Olympics, but the love for martial arts is stronger.

The envy exists because I move on without them, big shots, that sells themselves at any price, destroying athlete’s talent to overcome their frustrations; some of them never fought.

I’ve been through hard times, but I kept chasing my dreams. I earned the nickname of “Jamaica” due to my afro origins, and “Shielded” came then, for fighting other artial marts.

I always believed in God and I found Islam, that fits my beliefs perfectly, so I became an adept of it.

I admire: Éder Jofre, Roy Jones Jr., Muhammad Ali, Nasee Hamed, Joe Frazer, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, Emmanuel Augustus, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Bruce Lee, Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, Archie Moore, Bernad Hopkins e Abraham Katze Nelson.

Cheer for (soccer team): Corinthians.