Otto Griese

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Otto Griese: 1935

Name: Otto Griese
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
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Otto Griese had won the 1923 Leichtgewicht 60 kg title: [1].

He became a boxing referee of the 1930s from Germany. (He officiated the Panama Al Brown vs. Pete Sanstol (2nd meeting) bout of 13 Sept. 1935.)

Griese established a sports academy, with a training center for boxers, at Rangsdorfer Lake, Rank Village, outside of Berlin, Germany, sometime during the 1930s. Rank Village was particularly popular with the citizens of Berlin, who out-flowed on the weekends and crowded by the lake. In the summer 1930 alone, some 100,000 bathers was reported. Griese's School was visited by such famous boxers as World Champion Max Schmeling and European Champion Gustav Eder. (See here: [2].)

He also ran a "roomy" boxing gym in Berlin, which apparently was quite popular. (The gym and the school may have been one and the same place, however.)

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