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Name: Paddy Ryan
Birth Name: Patrick Ryan
Born: 1853-03-15
Birthplace: Thurles, Ireland
Died: 1900-12-14 (Age:47)
Hometown: Albany, New York, USA
Height: 5′ 11″   /   180cm
Boxing Record: click

  • Bare-knuckle Champion of America 1880-82
  • Mechanics Delight Boxing Card

"Albany, N.Y., Dec 14. - "Paddy" Ryan ex-champion heavyweight pugilist of the world, who was defeated by John L. Sullivan died to-day on Green Island, N.Y. He was seized with a convulsion this morning on arising and death ensued this afternoon. Ryan was heavyweight champion before he lost to John L. Sullivan in the famous fight in Mississippi. He won the title by defeating veteran champion Joe Goss in a long battle. Ryan was a resident of West Troy in his earlier days and it was in that city and vicinity that his fighting powers became known first. He never fought in the prize ring after being defeated by Sullivan, as he announced at that time that he was through. He appeared in the ring, however, to aid some fellow pugilists in a benefit. Ryan was big hearted and had many warm friends. In later years he was employed in Albany. He is survived by a daughter." - Globe & Mail, Decemeber 15, 1900

"Ryan a few years ago toured the country with Sullivan and the pair made considerable money. Up to two months ago Ryan was employed in a factory at Laurel Hill L.L. and was apparently getting along well." - Syracuse Herald, December 16, 1900

A few days before Ryan's death, it was reported that he had lost his speech and was suffering from Bright's disease.

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