Patrick Lopez vs. Prenice Brewer

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2010-08-06 : Patrick Lopez 140 lbs beat Prenice Brewer 139½ lbs by TKO at 2:38 in round 3 of 8


Bout Summary

Veteran southpaw Patrick 'El Elegante' Lopez took on the promising undefeated young fighter Prenice Brewer in an 8 round contest on the undercard of the hastily arranged Breidis Prescott vs Harrison Cuello bout. Lopez soon began to show the benifits of his superior experience by looking to engage his opponent on the inside, forcing his taller and less experienced opponent to box from the back foot. Lopez landed a few decent bodyshots midway through the first round, harrassing and bullying Brewer around the ring, looking to go to the skinnier body of Brewer. Brewer did score one eyecatching shot, with Lopez overbalancing for a moment. He recovered and continued the assault, utilising the left hand to the body of Brewer. Lopez finished the round on the attack and began the second in the same fashion, walking through one or two shots that failed to stop his forward momentum in any way, scoring hard body shots with the left behind Brewer's static guard regularly and mixing it up with some hard combinations. By the end of the second, Brewer was already beginning to cover up under the onslaught,and was not returning any punches at all. The third began with both men sizing each other up,but it wasn't long before Lopez began another onslaught. He soon had Brewer against the ropes and opened up with some powerful combinations. The referee warned Brewer that he had to start working, as the younger man was desperately trying to cover up from the offence. A solid left to the body obviously rocked Brewer and Lopez saw the chance to end the fight, bullying Brewer into a corner and throwing solid punches. The referee warned Brewer again but he had no will to fight, Lopez continuing to pick apart Brewer's guard, and the referee stopped the bout. It was the first loss of Brewer's career.