Patsy Haley

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Patsy Haley

Name: Patsy Haley
Born: 1877-07-22
Birthplace: Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 1951-06-20 (Age:73)
Hometown: Buffalo, New York, USA
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Patsy Haley was born July 20, 1877, in Newmarket Juncture, New Hampshire. His father owned a concert hall in Buffalo, New York, known as the Bijou, where he staged regular Tuesday and Saturday boxing shows. When Patsy was 16, his father staged a Western New York amateur boxing tournament, which his son entered under the assumed name of "Patsy Hayes." Haley won the first prize gold watch.

His father sold the Bijou around 1895 and the family moved to New York City. He father then bought the old Long Island House from Nonpareil Jack Dempsey on Front Street.

Becoming a professional, Haley fought as a featherweight and lightweight. He boxed some of the leading men in those divisions.

After ending his ring career, Haley was appointed a referee by the New York State Athletic Commission. During the early days of the Walker Law, he was regarded as one of the state's most competent arbiters. In later years Haley was assigned to wrestling and after a period of officiating at that sport turned in his license.