Paulie Ayala vs. Hugo Dianzo

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2001-03-30 : Paulie Ayala 118 lbs beat Hugo Dianzo 118 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

Ayala was down in round four from a right to the head. Announcer Teddy Atlas said Dianzo was standing on his foot. Referee Laurence Cole. Blows were reported as Ayala 151/789 19%, Dianzo 194/1254 15%. ESPN said it was a hometown decision, done to protect an upcoming big payday bout with "Bones" Adams. Announcer Teddy Atlas had it 116-112 for Dianzo. On hearing the result, he said "That's wrong, damnit. We need a national commission." He also reported that Ayala had trouble making the weight. Ayala was showing a welp under his right eye.