Pedro Galasso

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Pedro Galasso

Name: Pedro Galasso
Born: 1930-01-19
Birthplace: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Died: 2007-08-25 (Age:77)
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Boxing Record: click


The Primacy of Bela Galasso

In late 1946, a boy of Bixiga, shy, pale and slightly stooped, looked at the coach Waldemar Zumbano

gym club waiting in the big bridge.

That year hundreds of young people were present, train, and that skinny kid did not call anyone's attention.

It appeared more of these going forward, train once or twice and seemed to disappear, but was not. The next day, when Waldemar arrived to open the

academy, he was already at the door, sitting on the porch and in others as well.

Three weeks later, when the boy entered the ring and did his first practice with gloves, Waldemar

noted: That and those, if you have no talent, overcome by the claw and no claw, overcome by stubbornness ....

It was a prophetic remark telent on claw too much stubbornness, something invading the land of

willfulness. Your name and Peter Galasso.

the claw, the obstinacy, soon demonstrated the aggressive boxing, was called Piranha and also made

history with his unusual courage and a quasi-religious dedication to boxing.

As Kaled Curi, as Luis Ignacio Eder Jofre and like all and all Zumbano, Peter Galasso plunged so deep

into the soul of boxing and he became a member in such a way that never may withdraw from one another.

As a boxer, Galasso was an example to all others dedicated to training like few others, discipline

and conscious of their responsibility relative to publish, subu never a ring out of shape and

always, never disappointed, gave great performances, even when defeated .

His dedication was such that, when he returned from Latin America in Lima, with Mao and broken

plaster, the day after the landing was the gym, do gymnastics and hit the sandbag with the other Mao.

And so he trained every day, until the cast strip and receive a doctor's authorization to complete training.

Galasso estreu championship in the Sports Gazette in 1947 and was featherweight champion. In the

same year was also champion of brand new, new, and Sao Paulo. Four titles to start, and after a

series so long that he may be the Brazilian boxer who has won more titles stick today.

In 1948 he was champion of brand new, new, and Brazilian Paulo yet integrated with the national

team in South America in Santiago.

In 1949 he was vice-champion Sao Paulo only, but in 1950 it was Brazilian champion Sao Paulo and,

repeating the feat in 1951 when he participated, but without success, the Pan American Games in

Buenos Aires.

In 1952, ditto and participation in the Olympics in Helsinki. With so much effort and race, he

could end his career without an amateur international title.

Tried it in Latin America, 1953, in Montevideo, where he was not only the lightweight champion, but

also, according to the Uruguayan press, the best boxer of the championship.

OuvirLer foneticamente.

Professionalism, which he embraced in 1953, there was the possibility of so many titles, even as

there are no annual championships new brand, brand new, these things amateurism.

Not so, however, failed to shine Galasso fighter and brave and fought the best lightweight in South

America and came up twice to fight with the champion Italian Campari.

At first, tied (in Rome), in ten rounds. The second took advantage when the fight was stopped

because the light went out in the stadium.

Earlier, in a memorable fight with Sebastian Ladislaus (Comics), which dethrone

Kaled Curi, Galasso won the Brazilian championship title.

In that capacity he met in Rio de Janeiro's famous American Joe Brown, the former world

featherweight champion. A tough fight, in which Galasso showed all his bravery.

Anchored as a Stoic of the agrassividade Joa Brown, who took over it just a slight advantage.

Galasso lost medical decision in the eighth round, due to a deep cut in the eyebrow and a dangerous hemorrhage.

Backstage, Peter Galasso protested: "He was tired. I was going to win the fight, said it was not

fair to the doctor stitching his brow, no matter the pain or the possibility of a small deformation.

It was his feat. Never feared no opponent even tensed up before any fight, for it was the most

dangerous opponent. He was a quiet man and throughout his career looked forward to this quiet


When he was not scheduled, went to the dressing room and stood alongside fellow helping to put the

bandage lher lher and saying words of encouragement.

The mair done Peter Galasso, however, occurred late on 28 August 1958, when he faced the South

American champion lightweight, the undefeated Chilean Sergio Salvia.

Salvia was a teacher, including claims to the world title. He knew everything. So I did not know

the obstinacy and aggressiveness of Peter Galasso.

And was surprised by the claw of the Brazilian, who did not stop attacking until the last beat of

the gong in the 12th round Galasso won on points, just one victory, a proven cold war before the fight.

Neither gave him backstage. She changed her clothes under a ladder, down the hall he addressed the

audience. Can not concentrate, had no psychological conditions.

And yet lost, it was the glory of a wonderful primacy: it was the first Brazilian to win a professional title abroad.

Amateur Career Overview

Represented Brazil in The Pan-American Games of 1951 held in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in the Summer Olympics of 1952 held in Helsinki. South American Lightweight Champion in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1953. The Record Completed by Martin Cameron (Cordoba, Argentina).

Pro Career Overview

First Brazilian to win an international title: South American Lightweight Champion.

Olympic games results

1952 (as a featherweight)