Pernell Whitaker vs. Freddie Pendleton

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1990-02-03 : Pernell Whitaker 134¾ lbs beat Freddie Pendleton 135 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

From The New York Times:

Whitaker fought the challenger at close quarters through the early rounds, intent on smothering Pendleton's vaunted right-hand punch. The first three rounds were short on serious punching, but what action there was Whitaker dominated.

But in the fourth round, Pendleton scored with a stiff right to Whitaker's head and a few seconds later nailed him with a jab.

Whitaker came back strong in the fifth round, landing a three-punch combination. But the champion sustained a bloody lower lip during the round.

Whitaker, a southpaw, ripped scoring snapping lefts to Pendleton's head in the sixth, as he continued to hold the edge in the slowly paced bout.

Pendleton kept moving forward, trying to damage Whitaker with his right.

The champion ducked, spun and circled counter-clockwise to avoid the challenger's arcing right. Pendleton had no left hook to discourage Whitaker from his escape rout. But he did score with several short rights in the round.

Pendleton landed the best punches of the eighth round - two successive right hands to Whitaker's head. But he returned to his corner with a nick at the edge of his left eye.

In the ninth and 10th rounds, Pendleton seemed a touch desperate, missing wildly thrown right hands. Whitaker scored with a punch here, a punch there, but his caution made for modest entertainment.

Pendleton landed a right early in the 11th round that sent Whitaker lurching back a step and excited the crowd.

But the challenger was unable to exploit the advantage.

Whitaker out-boxed a weary Pendleton in the 12th and final round.