Pernell Whitaker vs. Oscar De La Hoya

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1997-04-12 : Pernell Whitaker 146½ lbs lost to Oscar De La Hoya 146½ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


Pernell Whitaker vs. Oscar De La Hoya (poster).jpg
  • De La Hoya was a 3-1 favorite.
  • De La Hoya earned $10 million and Whitaker got $6 million.
  • There was a crowd of 12,200.
  • In the third round, De La Hoya suffered a cut under his right eye from an accidental headbutt. As a result, Whitaker had a point deducted. WBC rules state: "When a boxer suffers a cut, abrasion, or excessive swelling due to an unintentional/accidental head butt....A point will be deducted from the uninjured boxer. This point deduction will compensate the advantages acquired by the uninjured boxer."
  • De La Hoya suffered a flash knockdown in the ninth. He was caught off balance by a left from Whitaker and his right glove touched the canvas.
  • Whitaker landed 232 of 582 punches to 191 of 556 for De La Hoya. Of Whitaker's punches that connected, 160 were jabs to 45 for De La Hoya.
  • According to a Las Vegas Review-Journal poll of writers who covered the fight, 14 scored it for Whitaker, 11 for De La Hoya, and one scored it a draw.
  • The fight generated 720,000 pay-per-view buys and $28.8 million in PPV revenue.

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